Our Chefs

“The cuisine in itself is science, it is up to the cook to turn it into art” quoted by Gualtiero Marchesi …

At the Restaurant Pinocchio you will be able to taste those flavors and traditions that the local production has maintained intact through the time. We put first the quality and the freshness in the selection of the raw substance, dealing with small local producers that distinguish themselves for the gastronomical traditions of Lovere and our Lake.

In addition to our traditions we add our own style. Our chefs revisit the typical local recipes to favor the creativity and flavor: the fantasy in our cuisine adds on charm to our dishes that are capable to sublime and gratify the palate.  
The fresh water fish from our Lake is one our specialties and it is the integral part of our menu. Lake whitefish, Perch, Alborele, Agone and fresh water shrimps, are just a few types of typical Lake Iseo fisho that we recommend with a special consideration of the fishing season, creativity, and to renew and enhance the flavors we use particular food processing techniques and blend together different and new combinations.
In our cuisine the pasta and cakes are all home made in order to guarantee the top quality and freshness of the dishes that get delivered to your table.